Cycling route: Sky, Sea and Art (panoramic route)

Photo: Lemvig - Thyborøn Turistforening
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Panoramic routes are bike tours that take you to places with wide views, but also to small secret spots with room for tranquility and contemplation. All routes are close to good accommodation and restaurants, and there are exciting sights along the way that you can choose to visit.

7620 Lemvig


Experience some of the best views in Western Jutland.

This route gives you the best views across the North sea and Nissum Bredning. It is also rich on the history of the area and artists' interpretations of sky and sea. The coastal landscape ahead presents you with a panorama of light, land and water, and takes you right to the water's edge.

The panoramic route is 44 kilometres of different terrains. You can begin your tour from any given point on the route. The route is marked with "409 Panoramarute", which makes it easy to follow.  




7620 Lemvig


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