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Photo:Bøvling Havn&Rita Sønderby

Nature Park Nissum Fjord

Experience an area with fjord and sea, dune, heathland and forest. Nissum Fjord Nature Park contains nature experiences, cultural experiences and unique local artisans with international recognition. There is a rich wildlife in the area, which can be experienced on hiking and cycling routes.

Go on a car trip to the many local places in Nature Park Nissum Fjord

You can hike 70 km around Nissum Fjord

Experience the 15 km long certified quality hiking trail

Husby Klitplantage route is a certified quality hiking trail from 2018, and you can hike og bike all the way around Nissum Fjord. Have a guided tour by tractor bus in Husby Klitplantage, and you can book other guided tours as well. This is the official website of Naturpark Nissum Fjord.

Nissum Fjord and the surrounding landscape is one the special nature highlights we have in West Jutland. In the western part of the country, nature and landscape are shaping us and giving us identity. Therefore, Naturpark Nissum Fjord has great value to people who live here. Many visitors will realize its significance when exploring the area. - Karsten Filsø, Holstebro Municipality


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