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Hedevang Outdoor

Join Hedevang Outdoor for unforgettable guided tours to nature and cultural experiences in Northwest Jutland. Give us a call to get a tailored program and look forward to a memorable experience with your friends!

With Hedevang Outdoor, you get a nature experience where the sea and fjord meet, and where there are open heaths and large forest areas. Common to all experiences is that nature's settings are used in a respectful manner.

Some of the experiences that Hedevang Outdoor offers include:

Oyster safari - join us in waders and gather oysters, which we grill together and enjoy with bubbles
Team building exercises in the forest
Cooking in the forest, for example, venison stew
Beaver tour - get up close to the beaver and learn about its life
"Bøf og Brøl" in Klosterheden, where you experience the red deer in rut and enjoy the most delicious 4-course menu from Nørre Vosborg including red wine ad libitum. Coffee is enjoyed in the cozy teepee in the middle of the forest.
We also offer fun activities such as archery and competitions, and if we run out of ideas, we have a huge network of talented colleagues we collaborate with to tailor exactly what you want for your day.

Contact Hedevang Outdoor to learn more - see you out there.


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