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Hike - Tvis Mølle - Vandkraftsøen

Find you way in Tvis Mølle - Vandkraftsøen is a hike around Vandkraftsøen at Tvis Mølle where you can experience nature.


Go on a hike around Vandkraftsøen at Tvis Mølle with Vestjysk Orienteringsklub. There are a number of orienteering post around the lake, where at each post there is a sign with a control code containing 3 letters. On findveji.dk you can register the control codes from each post, and thereby come in Hall og Fame. 

Unfortunately the leaflet is only in Danish, but you can download the leaflet as a PDF on Findveji.dk or pick up a printed leaflet at Holstebro Tourist Information Office.

On the O-map in the leaflet the starting point is market with a violet triangle and the post are market with a violet circle. Beside that you can solve a quiz while you are hiking. You can find the quiz by scanning the QR code in the leaflet or on  findveji.dk.

In the area around Vandkraftsøen there are Tvis Mølle NaturlaboratoriumTvis Mølle, the outline of Tvis Kloster, and Tvis Kloster Lejrplads, where there are shelters. 

If you want more orienteering, you can try The Art Course and The History Course through Holstebro, both of them are in the city center of Holstebro. 



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