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The workshop at Hornvarefabrikken in Bøvlingbjerg preserves the old craftsmanship and knowledge that has been accumulated over 200 years.

The processing of horns for spoons, jewelery and utensils are almost the same as the time when domestic industry was widely used in the area.

Come visit Hornvarefabrikken in Bøvlingbjerg, where the old craft is still maintained.

At Hornvarefabrikken's workshop, you can experience horn making according to good, old craftsmanship principles, where beautiful and living materials are processed into beautiful utility items.

Hornvarefabrikken has a 200-year history, which includes several major events and changes of ownership, which only makes the experience even more exciting.

The factory is located in Bøvlingbjerg outside Lemvig. It was here that the factory started back in 1935, and where several in the area since 1814 found an additional source of income in the production of horn goods.

Hornvarefabrikken is the only place in Denmark where horn spoons and other utensils of horn are still made, such as salad sets, egg spoons, orange and honey knives and more.

In the production of horn products, a minimum of 8 different processes are reviewed, depending on which product is produced, to ensure the good quality. In addition to the store in Bøvling, you can also visit the store on Store Torv in Aarhus and in Ringkøbing.

Hornvarefabrikken is a lively and exciting place, with a fantastic history, and is without a doubt worth a visit.

Hornvarefabrikken is handicap-friendly in the sense that it is possible to take wheelchairs into the shop, which is located on the ground floor.



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