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Mit dem Fahrrad zwischen Ringkøbing, Holstebro und Skive - Regionalroute 18

From Ringkøbing you drive towards Holstebro through Sanddal, Hoverdal and Stråsø plantations. Here you experience the silence of the vast open expanses.

In Stråsø Plantage, the road crosses Lilleå. Here there are good opportunities to take a detour and see the rest of the plantation. Take a walk on Sdr. Vosborg Hede, which is now open to the public.

East of Sdr. Vosborg Hede you can follow a marked mountain bike route if you have more energy and want to test your bike in more difficult conditions.

Some of the dunes in the plantation area are called hiking dunes. They "move" in dry and windy weather when the sand is blown out over the desolate heathlands. If you visit the area in the fall, you can pick cranberries and junipers and find mushrooms, among other things.

On the way to Holstebro you drive along the Marguerite Route through beautiful nature and paddocks with horses and free-range pigs. In Holstebro you can visit Holstebro Art Museum with art from all over the world and Holstebro Museum, which has a collection of Holstebro's pre- and cultural history. The two museums are located in the same complex.

The hydropower lake at Ringvejen in Holstebro is the result of the uplift of Storå to get hydropower. On the opposite side of Ringvejen you can see a very long stretch, which gives the salmon the opportunity to pass up the Vandkraftsøen and Storås upper course.

From Holstebro you can take a detour to Tvis Mølle, which is beautifully restored and maintained. The mill house contains, among other things, an exhibition with the history of Tvis Kloster. The monastery was demolished in 1887 when the current parish church was completed.

From Sevel, it is possible to make a detour to the Open-Air Museum Hjerl Hede, which is brought to life by up to 100 volunteers every year during the schools' summer holidays and during the Advent weekends leading up to Christmas. Old crafts come to life again with the blacksmith, the miller, the dairy and the baker as 150 years ago. The road to the open-air museum is signposted from the route.

After Sevel you can choose an alternative route; The long road west of Flyndersø, where there is a permanent pavement on the road, or you can drive a bit on a gravel road along Gl. Skivevej over Hjelm Hede, which leads along the old country road between Holstebro and Skive. You can still see the old milestones by the road

At both Stubbergård Lake and Flyndersø, there are marked walks in the protected areas. If you move quietly in the area, you can see vipers. The bird and animal life is rich. Sometimes it is possible to see ospreys chasing across the lake or finding traces of otters.

After Estvad, both routes meet again and continue towards Skive.

Regional route 18 - Ringkøbing - Holstebro - Skive is 99 km and runs on asphalt, gravel roads and paths.


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