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Seal safari with an educational boat

Experience the seals in their natural habitat

Come along when the experienced captain from Jyllandsakvariet sail into the Limfjord, out to the sandbanks, where the seals are. The educational boat is an open motorboat, which provides a good viewing, the smell of salt water, and the feeling of wind in hair. 

Through the Limfjord's sailways the captain navigates through the maritime labyrinth. In between Thyborøn and National Park Thy you can observe the many seals lying and resting on the sandbanks.

In the Western Limfjord a large colony of both the cute, spotted sommon seal and the impressive grey seal live. The seals enjoy the quiet waters and the many sandbanks, where they can catch a rest, while still staying close to the North Sea, where they find their feed. 

Booking is done on Jyllandsakvariet's website, where you can quickly and easily book a ticket for the departure that suits you best. There are plenty of departure times to choose from, but if you do not find a trip on the day or at the time you want, you are very welcome to contact Jyllandsakvariet and inquire about the possibility of an extra departure.

The safari boat docks in Thyborøn, where Jyllandsakvariet has their base, but it is also possible to book a departure from Agger Tange in Thy during July and August as well as during other periods with high demand. 


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