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In a holiday home from Sj Feriehusudlejning you get very close to the wild nature along the North Sea, which offers wide white sandy beaches, with large dune landscapes, rushing sea and wind in your hair. You can also search towards the Limfjord and its calmer waters, which invite to many kinds of activities on the water and along the coast.

Strandvejen 86

7673 Harboøre


Phone:9783 4760

fax:9783 5036

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental by Steen Jørgensen.

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental is a local accommodation agency at Vrist and Vejlby Klit with more than 25 years of experience.

The agency rents about 400 private coastal holiday houses directly by the North Sea beach and the Liim Fiord. They have summer and holiday cottages in the areas of Vrist, Vejlby Klit, Ferring Strand, Bovbjerg, Gjellerodde, Thyborøn, Lemvig and Toftum Bjerge.


Strandvejen 86

7673 Harboøre


Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening

Easy access

Capacity: Houses (600)

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