Skavemosen, Ulfborg

Photo: Mikkel Jezequel – Alopex Media
Swimming lakes

Ved Græmvej

6990 Ulfborg


Phone:9611 7500

The shallow bathing lake has slight slanting slopes and an average depth of 90 cm, making it a very safe place for children to swim and dip their feet. On the waterfront and especially on the bottom of the lake you can, if you have a pair of diving goggles, as the only place in the municipality to see the rare water fern, "pilledrageren", standing side by side like a large number of crosiers.

If you are lucky you can also get close to some of the fish found in the lake. The Skavemose has neither inflow nor drainage, but is filled with rain and groundwater, so in the dry summers there can be very little water in the lake. The lake is surrounded by pine trees and measures 100x200 meters.  

Barbecues and tables with seating are to be found by the lake.


Ved Græmvej

6990 Ulfborg


Beach suitable for children


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