Surfspot I Thorsminde North

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6990 Ulfborg


North of the marina you will find few nice sheltered spots.

The place is mostly sheltered from S-SW winds. Providing left hand runners on its day and classic beach break waves on average.

Beware, the local surfers at this spot are there when it’s good and you don’t want to go directly to the peak, be patient and gain respect, soon enough it will be your turn.

Sea bed: Sand
Wave type: Beach break.
Start working at: all sizes
Hold wave size:  Over head
Best combo: Swell: SW Wind: SE-E
Favourable Swell: NW, W, S,SW,N, Big NE
Favourable Wind Direction: S,SE,E,NE
Suitable for: Intermediate and above
SUP: ok if there are few surfers only.


6990 Ulfborg




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