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Thyborøn Fortress / Atlantvolden

The bunkers that make up the Atlantvolden were built on orders from Hitler during World War II.

All in all, the Atlantvolden consists of 8,000 different concrete structures, of which almost 2,000 are in Denmark, including about 100 structures in Thyborøn alone.

The bunkers were to ensure that the Allies could not land.

In Thyborøn, attempts were made to camouflage the bunkers as civilian buildings.

Many of the 2000 bunkers in Denmark are today in poor condition or covered in sand, but many have also been declared worthy of preservation by the Danish Agency for Culture and many have been converted into museums.

In Thyborøn, many of the bunkers are still preserved. Among others at the Coastal Center, where a bunker is decorated as a museum about the Turtle Spy.

Along Thyborøn Beach, the group of bunkers known as Thyborøn Fortress is still preserved.


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